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Paquita Sanvicén Torné is a part-time associate professor at the University of Lleida, she combines her main external work in the field of language planning with teaching and research. Although her academic career at the university did not begin until 2003, since 1990 she has participated in public competitions at scientific institutions (IEI-CESIC; Graltat Catalunya) which have allowed her to develop cultural studies. In her degree she studied Luís Roca and Florejacs or the poetry of a life (UB, 1989) which in 1991 won the first prize in Biographies of the city of Lleida and later the doctoral thesis (directed by Salvador Giner) Culture in the city of Lleida under Franco’s regime. A sociological analysis (UB 2003). She is co-author and editor of several books, and published in renowned journals in the field of Sociology and Language Planning. She has participated as a speaker, communicator, group coordinator, member of the scientific team and organizer in different international congresses, in the sociological and literary field. She has been part of the research group: CEJEM: Centre for European Legal Studies and Mediation until its dissolution, and currently she is a member of GESEC: Group of Studies Society, Health, Education and Culture (IP Fidel Molina-Luque). Consolidated Group 2014SGR655. She is Stakeholder of the SlforAGE project: Social Innovation on active and healthy ageing for sustainable economic growth. Seventh Framework Programme.  Her scientific academic interests combine aspects related to the Sociology of Gender, immigration, culture and language. She is working on the research line "Immigrant women, profiles, realities, expectations and contributions" from which several reports, communications and articles have been derived. In the field of culture, she is a member of the founding and organizing team of the Interdisciplinary Seminar on Multilingualism in Spain, part of the Gregorio Marañón Foundation (created in 2014). She regularly gives lectures and participates in debates and projects at a local and national level on social aspects related to literature, culture, gender, language, participation and inter-culturality.

As a result of her interest in the transfer of scientific knowledge to teaching and society, and at the same time reflecting on how to improve it and bring research thinking into the classroom, she became part of the Magistrates Anonymous teaching innovation group at the University of Alcalá de Henares. (IP Alfredo Prieto). She has been founder and coordinator since November 2013 of the "Seminar of Reflection on Contemporary Sociology" at the University of Lleida, linked to GESEC.  This brings together university students, alumni and professionals from different professional fields, focusing on promoting service-learning, and currently focused on projects for the prevention of violence from birth and conflict resolution through dialogue. She collaborates in the journals Pedagogical Tendencies (UAM) (2016) and RIMCIS, International and Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Sciences (2015).


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