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Ieva Stončikaitė has a degree in English Studies (with outstanding award) and a Doctorate in Cultural and Literary Gerontology from the University of Lleida (2017). She is a member of the research group Grup Dedal-Lit, ENAS (European Network of Ageing Studies), TCAS (Trent U), and ACT (Montreal U). Ieva has participated in different research projects related with cultural and literary gerontology, as well as collaborating as a researcher in several international projects. During her doctorate studies she received two grants to carry out her research in Fribough University (Switzerland) and Peterborough University (Canada). Ieva has presented papers in national and international congresses and has published articles in journals and international volumes such as Peter Lang, Societies, Life Writing, and Educational Gerontology. Her topics of research are focused on ageing, cultural gerontology, sexuality, tourism and leisure, and gender studies. She is also a member of the Reviewer Board of the international journal Societies (ISSN 2075-4698), published quarterly by MDPI.EVA.






Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

Stončikaitė, Ieva, and Lucie Vidovićová (eds.) Special Issue. "Ageing as a Unique Experience: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Ageing and Later Life from Social and Humanities Perspectives". Societies ISSN 2075-4698 (Summer 2021).

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Stončikaitė, Ieva. “Ageing, Creativity, and Memory: The Evolution of Erica Jong’s Literary Career.” Life Writing. 16:1, 7 Dec 2018, pp. 25-36.


Conference Papers:

Stončikaitė, Ieva. "Erica Jong & Nonconformity in Contemporary Literary Representations of Aging & Sexuality." ACLA Annual Meeting. 8-11 April 2021. Chicago, Illinois , USA (online)

Stončikaitė, Ieva. "Online Dating, Intimacy & Active Ageing In Baby Boomer Women." Technologies for Active and Intependent Living in Old Age. 10-11 Feb 2021. Prague, Czech Republic (online)

Stončikaitė, Ieva. “The Intersections of Ageing, Care, and Illness in Erica Jong’s Fear of Dying.” Ageing, Illness and Care in Cultural and Literary Narratives. 5-6 Sept 2019. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK

Stončikaitė, Ieva. “Sex and Sexuality in Later Life: the More the Healthier?” 14th ESA European Sociological Association Conference. 20-23 August 2019. Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK

Stončikaitė, Ieva. “The Development of Wisdom and a Sense of Self in the Face of Death and Ageing in the Works of Erica Jong.” 1st INDEST International Conference on Social and Territorial Development. 23-24 Nov 2017. University of Lleida, Lleida, Spain.



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