Katerina Valentová

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Kateřina Valentová is an associate teacher of the Department of English and Linguistics at the University of Lleida. She defended her doctorate thesis in 2017 about the value of non-verbality in the naturalist novel by the French author Émile Zola and the Spanish Benito Pérez Galdós. This resulted in the publication of several articles in French, Spanish and English, also including a North American author, Stephen Crane.

Apart from these comparative studies and trans-humanism and thanks to her recently joining the Grup Dedal-Lit research group, she is now carrying out research in cultural gerontology explored in literary texts. She is focusing on autobiographies and the graphic novel of the Catalan author Pere Rovira, looking at the presence of ageing in comics, and in Spanish, Catalan, French and English graphic novels.



Round tables:

Valentová, Kateřina. “Superherois envellits, de debò?”. Jornada conmemorativa del Día Internacional de la Educación (24 de enero) con el título: “Mites al voltant de l’educació en ciències socials i les humanitats”, INDEST, Universidad de Lleida, 11 de marzo de 2020.

Conference papers:

Valentová, Kateřina. “Cómic español: ¿un arma desafiante contra los estereotipos de la vejez?”. II Congreso Internacional Fundación Cine + Cómics: Viñetas y celuloide, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 18-20 de mayo de 2020.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

Valentová, Kateřina. 2021. "Representation and Agency of Aging Superheroes in Popular Culture and Contemporary Society" Societies 11, no. 1: 18. https://doi.org/10.3390/soc11010018

Valentová, Kateřina. “Life in Pictures: Autographic “I”s of Carlos Giménez”. a/b: Autobiopgraphy Studies, pendiente de publicación.

Valentová, Kateřina. “«…And What Does the S Stand for, Senile? »: Representation of a Superhero in Popular Culture & Contemporary Society”. Ageing & Society, pendiente de publicación.

Valentová, Kateřina. “Challenging Stereotypes through Visual Narratives: The Figure of a Grandfather in Children’s Picturebooks and Comics”. Capítulo del libro pendiente de publicación.

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