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Different videos derived from the fieldwork

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Interview with Joan Margarit

Video summary of the conversation that Núria Casado Gual had with the poet Joan Margarit last October, shortly before he was awarded the Cervantes Prize 2019. In this encounter, Margarit reflects on the current moment he is living, based on his ideas about old age, wisdom, the order of the life cycle, and his vision of poetry as a source of consolation.

Interview with Pere Rovira

Summary of Katerina Valentová's interview with the poet Pere Rovira last December 2019. The poet shares his views on old age, memory, death, and writing at a stage of life when he can look back and feel proud to be the age he is. 

Interview with Gloria Martín

Interview by Ieva Stoncikaite with the author Gloria Martín at the University of Lleida in 2019. The Lleida-born author reflects on her experience of creativity in maturity and on the experience of growing old from a feminine and literary points of view. 


Interview with Rosa Fabregat

In this video we present a summary of the interview that Paquita Sanvicén conducted with Rosa Fabregat. In the interview, the writer reflects on her vision of literature, her life experience, and the role that writing plays at this stage of her life.

Interview with Lorna Crozier

Audio of Núria Mina's interview with Lorna Crozier during her visit to the University of Lleida in 2019, with images of her poetry reading for the Aula de Poesia of the UdL.


In this video, Dr Deli Miró-Miró and Dr Fidel Molina-Luque present the main ideas on community engaged learning, and reflect on the role this methodology can play in intergenerational education.


Profiguration: Intergenerational Interdependence

Dr Fidel Molina-Luque explains the basis of his theory of profiguration, in which the interaction between generations and their ability to educate each other are key to thinking about a socially sustainable future.

Profiguration: Conflict and Intergenerational Pact

In this video, Dr Fidel Molina-Luque explains the consequences of intensifying the intergenerational link for our ageing society, where ageism is one of the main causes of discrimination, and age segregation is artificial and impoverishes societies.

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