Main Aims

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The Project which was carried out by the Group Dedal-Lit and the Group GESEC, has the following aims:

- To analyse how creativity helps maintain and/or improve the quality of life in well-known authors and in older people who have started some creative activity, such as creative narrative.

- To look at the works of older well-known authors with groups of senior citizens, with special emphasis on texts related to old age.

- To compare life stories of senior citizens (students) who are participating in a creative activity (for example in the subject of creative narrative of the University Degree or older people in care homes or municipal facilities).

- To identify how old age is portrayed in creative works produced both by senior citizens and authors who continue to write to an advanced age.

- To think about how our perception of old age and of ourselves changes, or not, through a creative activity such as reading or writing.

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